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Multi-Matrix Brain Game

Item #: VTMMG

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Developed by Carl Hillier OD
Includes Game + free login to online video training course featuring Dr. Hillier.

A high-speed Internet connection is required.
Special letter, number, dot, and symbol dice are combined with "Brain Loads" to maximize sensory development. Develops working memory, spatial awareness, eye movement control, peripheral vision, visual discrimination and more.

Used by vision therapists worldwide, this popular game is a great vision developmental tool that can be modified to create hundreds of games. The companion video training allows parents to easily incorporate your chosen homework.

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Challenge Your Brain

Play hundreds of games that develop the brain through integration of multiple senses within a 3-dimensional, motor challenge. Letter, number, dot, and symbol dice within two levels are combined with "brain loads" to maximize brain development. Anyone can use the online, all-video course to learn how therapists, parents, and teachers create game exercises for development of memory, spatial awareness, ADHD, coordination, visual perception, eye tracking, the vestibular system, and more. With so many sensory systems simultaneously engaged, this game is a best buy for brain development. And, it's fun!

Responsive Four-Column Layout
Image 1


Multi-sensory tasking requires sustained attention to detail. This assists those labeled ADHD or who are distracted by their environment.

Image 2


Spatial memory and sequential planning are at the heart of memory games. Each added brain load increases working memory requirements.

Image 3


Players must visually scan using saccades and peripheral vision - vital skills for reading. Letter games teach phonics, rhyming and more.

Image 4

Sensory Integration

Every game requires sequential processing, saccadic movement, bi-hemispheric integration, and more. Added brain loads maximize sensory integration further.

Designed for 1-4 players, Ages 6 and up.

Cleaning Instructions: Do NOT us alcohol to clean the cubes as it could rub off the printed characters. To clean, please use warm water and mild soap (such as dish soap) and wipe down the cubes, but do not submerge.

Purchase includes: 25 Colored Dice; 25 White Dice ; 3 Pattern Cards; Login to View Award Winning Training Course.

FREE Video Training Course teaches you to target The Multi-Matrix Game for development of memory, spatial awareness, attention span, coordination, visual perception, eye tracking, the vestibular system, and more.

Benefits Children & Adults With:
• Learning disabilities
• Memory loss
• Difficulty reading
• Academic delays
• Trouble with math
• Brain injury
• Ocular-motility problems
• Visual field damage
• Stroke damage
• Brain injury
• Convergence insufficiency
And more…

Download the bonus cards for the Multi-Matrix Game. Includes the Vertical Calendar and Color Bonus Card. Instructions are on the backside of each card.

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