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Colors are approximate. Glasses case varies from 5 different designs.

• Buy 5 or More for a quantity discount
• Replacement Fabric & Elastic Bands available (PR# MFSTRAP)

**Return Policy**
To return an item you must call Bernell to receive an RMA number. This RMA number must be visible on the outside of the box. Returns will be fully credited if there is a manufacturers defect like peeling or color fading or if the returned item can be placed back into inventory in the same condition you received it. Exchanges can be made with any frame of the same value and the frame MUST be in mint condition. We will review the frame once it is returned to us.

Chewed frames or any other type of abuse will not be accepted. Frames returned with lenses installed or if there is any signs of lenses installed in the frames, we will not accept. This is the policy of the manufacturer on all returns.
  • MiraFlex Mini Baby

    MiraFlex Mini Baby

    Item #: M1+
    Rounded Frames
  • MiraFlex Maxi Baby

    MiraFlex Maxi Baby

    Item #: MB+
    Round Frames
  • MiraFlex Baby Plus

    MiraFlex Baby Plus

    Item #: BP-+
    Roundeded Frames
  • MiraFlex Maxi Baby 2

    MiraFlex Maxi Baby 2

    Item #: MB2+
    Rounded Frames
  • MiraFlex Baby Plus 2

    MiraFlex Baby Plus 2

    Item #: BP2-+
    Rounded Frames
  • MiraFlex Baby Zero

    MiraFlex Baby Zero

    Item #: BZ+
    Oval Frames
  • MiraFlex Baby Zero 2

    MiraFlex Baby Zero 2

    Item #: BZ2+
    Oval Frames
  • MiraFlex Baby One 37/14

    MiraFlex Baby One 37/14

    Item #: B1.37+
    Oval Frames
  • MiraFlex Baby Lux

    MiraFlex Baby Lux

    Item #: MBL+
    Oval Frames
  • MiraFlex Baby Lux 2

    MiraFlex Baby Lux 2

    Item #: MBL2+
    Oval Frames
  • MiraFlex Baby One 44

    MiraFlex Baby One 44

    Item #: B1.44+
    Oval Frames
  • MiraFlex New Baby 1

    MiraFlex New Baby 1

    Item #: NB1+
    Rectangular Frames
  • MiraFlex New Baby 2

    MiraFlex New Baby 2

    Item #: NB2+
    Rectangular Frames
  • Miraflex Mayan 39 Frames

    Miraflex Mayan 39 Frames

    Item #: MAYA39+
    Rectangular Frames
  • Miraflex Mayan 42 Frames

    Miraflex Mayan 42 Frames

    Item #: MAYA42+
    Rectangular Frames
  • MiraFlex Eva

    MiraFlex Eva

    Item #: EV+
    Sport Frames
  • MiraFlex New Baby 3

    MiraFlex New Baby 3

    Item #: NB3+
    Rectangular Frames
  • MiraFlex New Baby 4

    MiraFlex New Baby 4

    Item #: NB4+
    Rectangular Frames
  • MiraFlex Nicki 48

    MiraFlex Nicki 48

    Item #: NK1+
    Rectangular Frames
  • MiraFlex Nicki 50

    MiraFlex Nicki 50

    Item #: N50+
    Rectangular Frames
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