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Pocket Magnifiers

Pocket Magnifiers

  • Bernell Affordable LED Pocket Magnifier
  • Lighted Handheld Pocket Magnifiers

    Lighted Handheld Pocket Magnifiers

    Item #: A328+
    Available in 4x, 5x, and 6x
  • Reizen Pocket LED Magnifiers
  • COIL Standard and LED Pocket Magnifiers
  • COIL AT Max Pocket Magnifier

    COIL AT Max Pocket Magnifier

    Item #: LS8275
    (5X 16D 60mm with Cloth Case)

  • 4x Pendant Jewelry

    4x Pendant Jewelry

    Item #: ILA2+
  • Coil LED Aspheric Illuminated Pocket Magnifier Charger
  • Zoom Pocket Magnifier

    Zoom Pocket Magnifier

    Item #: RZ7526

  • MagniCard 3x LED Lighted Magnifier

  • MagniGrip 4.5x Magnifier with Attached Precision Tweezers
  • 1.5" Flip-Open Pocket Magnifier, 3x Power with Built in Case
  • 15x LED Hi-Power Loupe Magnifier

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