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Stance Check iZONE Vision Training Aid with iSHIELDS

Item #: STCHKG1

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These specially designed goggles were created to train athletes in golf, baseball and softball, but may be applied to other sports, as well as vision training exercises. The goggles utilize a specially designed nose bridge which acts as a septum, forcing the athlete to reposition their stance so that both eyes are trained on the target. For athletes with a dominate eye that is in back of their stance, poor stance habits can lead inhibiting your binocular function by occluding or restricting your dominate eye. The Stance Check iZONE Training Aid trains the athlete to realign their stance so that both eyes stay on target, which helps lead to improvements in performance by training proper positioning of the eyes in the stance so that binocular function is not restricted.

The Stance Check iZONE Vision Training Aid goggles are in use today by athletes at all levels of competition and are an excellent tool for any sports vision training program.


"The iZone by StanceCheck is the flat-out best hitting aid I've seen-for amateurs and professionals-to have your head in the right position to hit the ball with success. I've made a living either hitting or teaching others to hit. My philosophy has always been 'keep it simple'. I have no doubt that iZONE will help you hit."

- Don Baylor, Former MLB Player, Manager and Hitting Coach

"The iZone is the first product to correctly make any hitter keep both eyes focused on a ball while in flight. I have used it in our regular hitting routine and the players have benefited greatly. I have not seen a product in all of my years coaching that has produced this type of positive results with hitters so quickly and confidently."

- Bill Springman, Former MLB Hitting Coach & Current Detroit Tigers Minor League Hitting Coach

Additional Specification:

Baseball Training: The iZONE baseball hitting training aid, with its expanded nosepiece, will help you train your body to maintain proper head and eye position relative to the pitcher. iZONE trains you to bring your back eye into play, helping to expand your vision so you can pick up the pitcher's release point, detect velocity and see spin sooner.

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