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Original Randot Stereotest (Special Edition - Recommended by Dr. Paul Harris OD)


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Paul Harris Randot Test
(Special Edition)

This test is recommended in lectures by Baltimore Academy for Behavioral Optometry. The Original Randot stereotest tests and evaluates stereo depth perception for both gross stereopsis evaluation, including a multiple-choice series which tests fine depth discrimination down to 20 sec.

Includes: Polarized Goggle
• Multiple-choice series which tests fine depth discrimination with a range of 400 sec of arc down to 20 sec of arc at 16".
• Gross randot form test of simple geometric forms each 600 sec of arc at 16"
• Graded randot forms at 400, 200, and 100 sec of arc at 16"

Also includes Polarized Goggle
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Recommended test for clinicians
May 2, 2016  |  By Liat Gantz
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We tested the validity of the PH randot in 70 normals and found it interchangeable with Titmus and traditional Randot. It's intra test reliability was the most precise of all tests.

Best overall stereo test!
Dec 17, 2019  |  By Vicky S. Fischer
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In my opinion this is the best overall stereo test. I've owned many and tried them all. I like how the star is visible by everyone this is mainly good to explain the test to children and see if they understand the test, but it is also good to detect those rare malingerers. I've found that often what we think is malingering is a patient just not understanding the instructions. Also I love how the main test is 800 secs of arc Randot whereas the other most common test is 400/200. Then the other side has 400/200/100 and Randot circles down to 20 secs of arc! Excellent! On other stereo tests I have had kids who were completely monocular use monocular cues to figure out answers that have Local animals or Wirt circles so I really question their reliability. This test can not be cheated on!

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