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Handbook of Diagnostic Test for the Developmental Optometrist

Item #: RL9513

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Handbook of Diagnostic Tests

This book is a compilation of reference material and tests that can be used with a wide range of populations.

Compiled By:
R.W. Lowry, Jr., OD

This is often referred to as the Lowry Book.
Tests include:
  • Copy Forms or the Winter Haven Copy Forms
  • Incomplete Man
  • Monroe Visual III
  • Right and Left Pictures
  • Cube Behavior - Using one-inch cubes
  • A series of tests based on the work of DB Harmon
    • → Posture Assessment
    • → Chalkboard Tests
    • → Free-Hand Square Test
  • Kraus - Weber Tests of Muscular Fitness
  • Gates Oral Reading - Interpolated from the Gates-McKillop
  • Spelling Survey
  • Goodenough Draw a Man
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