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Gary Vogel Squares Software (5 CD's)

Item #: GVSQ

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Gary Vogel Squares Software
(5 CD's)

A Windows based program for developing Visual Discrimination, Visual Spatial and Visual Memory skills.
In Level 1, four grids containing random patterns of colored squares are displayed on the screen. Three patterns are identical, one is different. The patient must determine which pattern is different. Response times are also timed and scored.

As skill is gained, the patient progresses to Timed Squares. In this procedure, time can be set from the Options Menu. Four different colored grids are then presented. The patient must choose which grid matches the original flashed grid. Grid Size can be varied from 1 x 2 to 5 x 5. Or make a game of it and start with a 1 x 2 grid and with every 5 correct answers the grid size will increase!

Squares was designed to be used in conjunction with Bernell's Visual Discrimination (VTVDM) and Memory (VTVDM2) work books.

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