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Metal Distometer with Case

Item #: DST127

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By Gulden Ophthalmics

This product is used to accurately measures the vertex distance between a patient's cornea and the lenses in eyeglasses or trial lenses. It is sold in a case with a conversion wheel for calculating lens power relative to the distance from the eye.

A change in vertex distance of eyeglasses compared to that of the trial lenses results in a change in the effective power of the eyeglasses. This becomes especially important when the eyeglass prescription is greater than a plus/minus four or five diopter correction.

Use this tool to measure distance from the patient's cornea to the lens of glasses or trial lenses in a trial frame. A circular conversion calculator is included with each distometer instrument. The distometer features a durable metal construction. Comes in a case.

Distometer features a durable metal construction. Comes in a case.

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