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The DMV® Luma-Serter Plus™

Item #: DMVLP

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DMV Luma-Serter Plus is designed for inserting contact lenses of 13mm and larger. It can be used for Scleral, Soft, Hybrid or GP contact lenses.

Do not use the Luma-Serter Plus with contact lenses smaller than 12.5mm, to avoid accidentally touching the surface of the eye with the device.

The DMV® Luma-Serter™ Plus is made specifically for the insertion of scleral lenses, hybrid lenses, and soft lenses. There are two options of using this product:

1) When attached to a penlight, the light creates a luminous center that serves as a fixation target for alignment with the eye.
2) Patients can also slide it onto their finger to help with dexterity of inserting their scleral or hybrid lenses.

Instructions for use:

CAUTION: Before using for the first time, clean the Luma-Serter Plus with alcohol and allow it to air dry.
Put the Luma-Serter Plus on the lighted end of a penlight. Place the contact lens on the center of the angled cup. Follow the lens preparation instructions provided by your eye care practitioner.
Turn on the penlight and gently move the lens toward the open eye by using the illuminated center of the cup as a guide. Hold the eye lids open with the other hand and place the lens on the cornea.
Once the lens has adhered to the eye, withdraw the Luma-Serter Plus. The light filter prevents contact lens solutions from passing through to the penlight.
The device is contoured to fit the end of most penlights.
If patients prefer, they may choose to place the device on the end of a finger instead of a penlight.
The ribs in the cup are designed to provide further guidance and an elevated surface for the lens to rest on. The ribs will also prevent the lens from sticking to the Luma-Serter Plus.
If you apply the device to the surface of the eye, merely withdraw it from the eye, as there is no suction. Avoid sliding the device over the surface of the eye.


Each time after using the Luma-Serter Plus, clean it with alcohol and allow it to air dry. Plan on replacing it after six months' use.
CAUTION: Please keep this product away from liquids such as hand cream, hair gels and nail polish remover.
CAUTION: Keep this and all other medical devices away from small children. This product is not recommended to be used with diseased or injured eyes.
CAUTION: Though there is no evidence of allergy issues with this product, it does contain dry natural rubber. It does not contain liquid latex, a known allergan.

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