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Coaching the Invisible Fields

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Coaching the Invisible Fields, A New Way to Reach Your Hidden Potential With Light and Visual Awareness.
By: Denise Hadden, OD

Coaching the Invisible Fields uses visual awareness and coaching methods to map out a conscious, guided journey to the realization of your unique and greatest potential. It describes the informational fields that surround us and utilizes a visionary method of field analysis, described in the author's first book, New light on Fields, combing it with coaching processes that allow clinicians an expanded view of their clients and clients an awe-inspiring journey towards health and happiness. Additionally, it explains the process of using light to rebalance our vision, our visioning and visualizations. Combining light with coaching magnifies and exponentially increases our capacity to reach, retrace and restructure old patterns into a 'spontaneous fulfillment of our desire'.

This groundbreaking book looks at the extended event field of life, and incorporates consciousness, possibility and potential into a pathway towards an empowered and joyful life journey.

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