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Heated Dry Eye Therapy Mask

Item #: DEMASK

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Optometrists have long recommended patients to use warm compress to help to alleviate issues caused by dry eyes. The heat from the warm compress helps to open the meibomian glands to improve oil gland function, increase oil flow into the eyes, stabilize the tear film, and slow down tear evaporation. After removing the warm compress, the patient's eyes will be able to expel debris and bacteria more efficiently, helping their eyes remain healthy and clear.

This premium heated therapy mask was designed to provide a solution to for doctors to aid their patients with with dry eye issues, as well as helping with a variety of other problems such as:

  • Puffy/Irritated eyes
  • Headaches
  • Sinus congestion
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)
  • Styes
  • Blepharitis

  • The heated Dry Eye Mask utilizes as USB power source (comes with standard wall plug for North American outlets) so no need microwaving beads or other compress pads, which lose their heat over time. This premium mask allows for consistent heat and has a convenient built-in timer. Over time your patients will save time and money with this convenient solution!

    How To Use A Dry Eye Mask

    Using the mask is also completely effortless. Simply stretch the mask over your eyes and let it sit. It can be removed at any time, and it will instantly provide natural hydration to your eyes throughout the entire period of use. It also doubles as a great sleep mask if you ever find yourself traveling or in an area where there is too much light in the room.

    In short, though, there is no steep learning curve involved in using a new dry eye mask. The process for using the mask is as simple as laying down and putting something over your eyes. Then, simply select one of the three heat levels and then sit back and enjoy the relief. Due to its natural means of helping you relax, one of the reasons people use dry eye masks daily is not just for symptoms of dry eye but also to help them unwind!

    With all the potential benefits and very minimal risk for downsides, there are several reasons why anybody with symptoms such as the ones described above shouldn't at least try using our state-of-the-art dry eye mask. Try it today and find out what you've been missing!

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    What is a heated dry eye therapy mask?

    Have you ever found yourself with a bout of dry eye irritation? If so, you already know how demeaning this can be! For this reason, chronic sufferers of this problem often find themselves seeking out the warm compress relief that can come with a product such as ours! A heated dry eye mask helps your eyes deliver the natural hydration that is already active and ready to be taken advantage of in your oil glands.

    Essentially how it works is the user first puts the mask over their eyes and then selects the heat setting that best suits them. With our dry eye mask, there are three different heat settings that you can choose from. When the heat is on and your mask is snugly fit over your eyes, the mask will do a natural warm compress, freeing the oils in your eyes to help them spread across in an efficient manner.

    Can eye masks damage your eyes?

    While eye masks are generally safe, there is a small risk of eye irritation if the mask is not used correctly. If the mask is too tight, for example, it can cause pressure on the eyeballs and lead to bruising or other damage.

    It is also important to make sure that the mask does not have heat settings that are too high. Especially if you fall asleep with the mask on. If this were to happen, the user could wake up with burns or red marks that were unintended.

    What are the benefits of wearing an eye mask at night?

    A heated eyemask can help you sleep better by providing warmth and comfort that is much needed after a long day with constant dry eye symptoms dragging you down. In addition, it can help you relieve the discomfort from things like eye strain, headaches, redness, burning, inflammation, blurry vision, pain, or baggy eyes while preparing to rest.

    While these are common benefits for most people, there is no telling that this will be the same for everyone. Since each person comes with their own set of unique conditions and circumstances, it is best to start by asking your ophthalmologist about the benefits of using a warming eye mask before diving headfirst into using an eye mask routinely for your severe dry eye condition.

    Is it okay to use eye masks in the daytime?

    Dry eye masks are often designed to be used at night, but there is no reason why you can't use them during the day if you need to. The idea here is that you should be focusing more on using them when dryness symptoms arise rather than concentrating on the proper time of day to use them.

    Do dry eye masks help with watery eyes?

    One of the common reasons for watery eyes is dry eye syndrome. The problem here is that lubricating moisture is not being properly spread across your eyes and used efficiently. With the consistent use of an eye mask for dry eyes, you can get this problem under control.

    A dry eye mask will mimic a humidifier, helping your eyes spread tear film across your cornea in a more stabilized and even fashion. In addition, it will help slow the tear evaporation so that you don't prematurely lose tears before they put in their fair share of work.

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