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ColorDx: Pediatric 15 CVTME™

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*** Limited quantities available. ***

This product will not include magnetic box. The ColorDx Pediatric 15 is the newest version of Color Vision Testing Made Easy or CVTME. As the Gold Standard pediatric assessment of color deficiencies or color blindness See The Multi-Ethnic Pediatric Eye Disease Study published by the AAO, CVTME™ is used in over 40 countries and has been validated for illiterates at the US Special Olympics.

Featuring the proven Waggoner six confusion-color strategy, the pediatric test is used in a broad range of settings: pediatrics, eye physicians, school nurses, and many other disciplines of health care, in any language, world-wide. This easy to administer test features both hidden and non-hidden shapes that allow for positive reinforcement even while testing color deficient children by allowing successful answers on most targets. This success-reinforced strategy is also useful for assessment of malingering.

Designed by color vision expert Dr. Terrace Waggoner, this edition features enhanced digital colorimetery production methods, durable pages, and binding materials. Brilliantly simple to take, easy to score and just plain fun for children.

This new edition includes:
→ CVTME illiterate (shapes) test
→ Very Young Children (single large shape) test
→ Detailed instructions
→ Detailed scoring
→ Score sheets and downloadable versions
Product Features:

→ Two included tests, test children as young as 3 years old!
→ Featured at US Special Olympics - the gold standard for pediatric color vision testing
→ Test uses easy to understand shapes and objects
→ Perfect for color vision testing in any language

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