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Bernell Deluxe School Screening Kit

Item #: BSSK

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After years of working with different optometrists and ophthalmologists, Bernell has developed a kit for screening of the major visual skills necessary for the primary grade student. Tests cover visual acuity at distance and near, convergence and accommodation, stereopsis,color testing, saccadic eye movements, phorias and fusion, suppression and hyperopia. Kit comes with instruction manual that explains how and why of each test. Designed for use by school nurses or other persons with some vision screening training.

BC11931 - Snellen 20 Ft Acuity Chart
BC1284150 - Hyperopia Flipper 1.50
CVT1 - Color Vision Testing Made Easy (CVTME)
BC204P - Black Occluder
BCDI - HOTV Distance Acuity Chart
VA1010S - Butterfly Acuity Test
BCNIE - HOTV Near Card with Elastic
DEMNV - DEM Test and manual
BC200 - Bernell-O-Scope
BCVTPK2GA - Pre-Kindergarten Test Book
BCFIX - Fixation Stick
BR816AMAE - AMA Near Test Card with Elastic
BRROD - 9" Brock String Rod
BRF402 - Recording Forms

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