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Special Order Prism Flippers: Flat Prism: 1-7D (Any four Powers)

Item #: BC1275S

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Flat Lens: 1-7D Available as any combination of powers of prisms in the range of 1-7.

Click here to view the attached special order flipper form
→ Download a copy of our custom flipper sheet. Fill it out and email or fax it to us.
Note: If you place an order online, please mention in the comments that you are sending a completed special order sheet. Please include the order number as a reference when sending the sheet.

Send Custom Flipper Form to Bernell

IMPORTANT NOTE: Flippers sized are listed based on the prism lenses in the wells. For example, a 5PD flipper will have on each side (2) 5PD 38mm Prisms (5PD + 5PD = 10PD Range) with one side being set to Base-In and the other Base-Out. So, if you want to order a 4PD range flipper, then you would get 2PD Flipper (2PD + 2PD = 4PD).

Special Order "Bell Flippers"

Click here to view the prefilled special order sheets for the "Bell Flippers" which are the custom set of prism flippers recommended by Heidi Bell, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, in her lectures on Vision Therapy. Bernell has worked with Dr. Bell to make these pre-filled custom flipper sheets available to make the process of ordering easier for other ODs.

To complete, first order a quantity of 5 of the BC1275S either online or by contacting our Customer Service Team. Next, download the pdf and fill out your information on page 1. Then email the completed sheet to our Customer Service Team with your order # listed in the Subject line, or body of the email.

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