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Bernell Stereo Test Book - Near and Far Tests

Item #: BC1025

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Test books now have improved features, including tabbed title test pages, better test plate flow and thicker more durable pages.

This stereo tranaglyph™ test booklet was designed to offer a simple, yet effective option for screening stereoscopic vision deficits in patients of all ages. This economical screening solution helps to detect binocular vision issues such as poor stereopsis, amblyopia, suppression and strabismus. The test booklet combines three standard variations of stereo screening books into one convenient package! This includes: near stereo acuity for both gross stereopsis and fine depth perception, distance stereo acuity for gross stereopsis, and random dot gross stereopsis and fine depth perception. As an added bonus, the cover is comprised of stereo images of shapes and figures positioned at various distances, which can be used as a quick binocular screening tool.

The book is printed using specialty transparent red and green inks, which provide exceptional cancellation when viewing the images using our Bernell Red/Green Filters, which are included with the kit. The booklet also includes a printed answer key in the back of the book.

The Bernell Stereo Test Book Contains Three Test Sections:

Near, Far and Random Dot

Near Tests Includes::
• Phase #1 (Large Sports Figures): 1500 seconds of arc, 1250 seconds of arc, and 900 seconds of arc
• Phase #2: (Small Sports Figures) 400 seconds of arc, 200 seconds of arc and 100 seconds of arc
• Phase #3: (Octagon with Circles) 800 seconds of arc down to 40 seconds of arc

Far Test Includes:
• Phase #1 (Top Line): 180 seconds of arc
• Phase #2: (Middle Line) 120 seconds of arc
• Phase #3: (Bottom Line) 60 seconds of arc

Random Dot Test Includes:
• Phase #1 (Random Dot Forms - Large Shapes): 800 seconds of arc, 600 seconds of arc, 400 seconds of arc, 200 seconds of arc and 100 seconds of arc
• Phase #2 (Random Dot Forms - Graded - Small Shapes): 400 seconds of arc, 200 seconds of arc, 100 seconds of arc and 50 seconds of arc
• Phase #3 (Random Dot Circles): 400 seconds of arc, 200 seconds of arc, 100 seconds of arc, 75 seconds of arc, 50 seconds of arc and 25 seconds of arc

• Bernell New Age Red/Green Goggles are included with the test book.
• Instruction manual and answer key are included in the book.
Booklet Dimensions: 5.75" x 8"
Materials: Opaque Rigid Vinyl with Clear Spiral Binding

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