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JLC Funduscopic Grading Card

Item #: RI4901

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JLC Funduscopic Grading Card

The Funduscopic Grading Card is used to assist in the grading of various funduscopic challenges. The primary tool will assist the provider to better determine C/D ratios for Glaucoma Patients. Study has shown that the use of the card substantially improves consistency of interexaminer judgment of this ratio. Additionally, the grading card will assist in the selection of proper A/V (artery/vein) and ALR (arteriolar light reflex) ratios. The Card is two-sided styrene approximately 4 ¼" x 6" (15.5 x 10.5cm).

With the natural course of practical eye care moving in the direction of more group practice and less solo-practitioner practice, the variability in method of cup to disc (C/D) ratio determination has become an obstacle to efficient and uniform management of glaucoma. Individual clinicians develop their own internally and perhaps, consistent system, yet interexaminer variability persists. This tool has been shown to help address these issues.

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