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PTS II - Computerized Perceptual Therapy System

Item #: PTS2

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The PTS II iNet Program was specifically designed to address the following problems:
→ Dyslexia
→ Ordinary reading disability
→ Word decoding difficulty
→ Problems in reading comprehension
→ Spelling problems
→ Memory disorders
→ Laterality-Directionality deficits
→ Slow Speed of information processing
→ Non-verbal learning disability
→ Mathematics difficulty
→ Above average intelligence but not achieving up to potential
→ Acquired brain injury with perceptual-cognitive deficits
→ Attention disorders
→ Any diagnosis of perceptual/visual information processing deficits

Proven Procedures
→ Visual Concentration
→ Visual Closure
→ Visual Motor Integration
→ Visual Sequencing
→ Parafoveal Stimulation
→ Visual-Visual Integration
→ Visual Sequential Processing
→ Tachistoscope
→ Visual Search
→ Visual Scan
→ Visual Span

Eleven perceptual therapy procedures that provide highly motivating, interesting and successful techniques for all ages.

The PTS II iNet Program is designed to improve:

→ Sequential Processing
→ Simultaneous Processing
→ Speed-of-information Processing
→ Magnocellular Processing
→ Temporal Visual Processing
→ Visual Attention
→ Naming Speed
→ Visual Sequential Memory
→ Visual Sequential-Spatial Integration

Complete Control

Dispense PTS II iNet program in the Auto Mode and the program will automatically advance patients through successive levels of therapy as goals are achieved. The Manual Mode allows you to design your own custom protocol.

You May Select Auto or Manual Mode Operation, Starting and Ending Therapy Levels Plus Session Duration.

Easy Monitoring

The Program Records Each Session's Data For Your Review.

The Results are Displayed Both Graphically and Numerically for Ease of Interpretation.

The Program Denotes the Session Number, Date, Time, Level Achieved and Other Pertinent Data.


PTS II iNet presents your patient with a grid that shows the different difficulty levels for each procedure. Each time your patient meets or exceeds a therapy goal they receive a gold star.

The program gives your patient verbal reinforcement. It prompts them to "Get Ready" before a stimulus is presented. PTS II iNet also verbally reinforces correct and incorrect responses. For example, it will encourage them by saying "Good Job" after they input a correct response.

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