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Special Message to Our Customers


Dear Valued Customers,

We are all taking actions and adapting to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19. We have received many emails and calls from doctors inquiring about their options for sourcing supplies for their VT patients. Bernell remains ready to serve our doctors, as well as assist them in meeting the needs of their patients, as always.

We are continuing to follow and adapt our workflow to meet the guidelines provided to us by the CDC to ensure the safety and health of our employees. We are also working closely with our supply chain partners to maintain a steady flow of supplies and raw materials. We are fortunate to have taken measures a while back to increase supply levels on many of our key VT items in the event of severe delays in inbound shipments. These actions will allow us to continue to fulfill orders with minimal delay or disruptions during this extraordinary time.

Many Optometrists have contacted us asking about options for kits or supplies and whether we can ship to their patients directly. We currently offer a variety of at-home therapy kits, including the Binovi Companion Kit, Vision Tutor Kits, and others. Though we do not sell these kits directly to patients, our doctors can purchase kits or products and have them dropshipped directly to their patients. We will not send any invoices with the drop shipments, however if you have special paperwork that you need included, then email it to us and we will add it with the shipment. Additionally, if there are specific items that you would like to have bundled and shipped to a patient, then we will be happy to work with you to meet your needs. Please contact our Customer Service Team to discuss.

If you have additional questions regarding home therapy options, or strategies for serving your patients during this extraordinary time, please reach out. Our staff, including our team of consulting Optometrists, are here to help! On behalf of all of us at Bernell, I would like to affirm how appreciative we are of your continued support of our company. We wish all of you safety and good health during these turbulent times!

Warm Regards,

Chris Andrews
President, Bernell Corporation


Update: March 31st, 2020

We are still open and are assisting offices with their Remote VT supply needs! If you have any questions or need assistance with putting together equipment for your patients, please contact us, as we are here to help. Additionally, if you need orders to be dropshipped directly to your patients at their homes, then we can do it! Let us know how we can assist your practice with offering Remote Vision Therapy, so that you can continue offering these vital services to your patients!

We're all in this together!

The Bernell Team

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