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Warshowsky Stop'n GO Free Space Fusion Trainer

Item #: WSNGO

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Developed by Dr. Joel H. Warshowsky,OD, this is a unique free space tool to train vergences with a minimum of accommodation effort. The anaglyph targets and filters provide a source of feedback without the stimulating/inhibiting accommodation stimulus that almost all other fusion cards require. therefore, the vergence feedback is easier to understand.
The advantage of this trainer is that it works well as a feedback loop for just convergence and divergence with minimal accommodation interference.

Start by having the patient place the Red/green goggles on with the red filter before the patient's right eye. Have the patient hold the Stop' n GO Trainer with the red circle on the right with a blank wall behind it. With both eyes open, they see a red and a green dot. With either eye closed, they see a black dot and a dot of the corresponding color of the open eye.

Using a red pointer (or a finger) have the patient focus in front of the plane of the card while noticing that the Red and Green circles now moved and a central circle which is black is between them. Have them focus their attention on the center black dot. Now have them move the card slowly away from them and toward them. Try to keep the black spot as one dot. This is stimulating their convergence and divergence systems with minimal focusing while in an esophoric posture.

Now have them look off into the distance across the room or down a hallway or even out a window. Place a pointer past the card and ask them to focus their attention at the pointer and notice a center circle will appear that is clear. Now move the Trainer closer or farther while attending to the central clear spot. Again, convergence and divergence training is occurring while in an exophoric posture.
Includes: • Red/Green glasses • Instructions

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