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VTS4 HoloLens Computer Orthoptics

Item #: VTS4HOLO

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VTS 4-HoloLens Computer Orthoptics™ offers various vergence exercises to help coordinate the eyes so that they may better work together as a team.

HoloLens Augmented Reality Glasses

Using the HoloLens Augmented Reality technology, more than 100 targets of varying size, detail and retinal disparity are presented to manage various vergence exercises. Targets including holograms are presented in True 3D Color.

The HoloLens Augmented Reality incorporating independent eye tracking allows you to independently determine the position of both eyes at all times.

NOTE: The VTS 4 - HoloLens Computer Orthoptics SYSTEM does not treat or diagnose any specific medical condition or disease.

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The VTS 4 - HoloLens Computer Orthoptics™ Holographic Vergence Exercise System

Exercises Include:

• Smooth Vergence
• Rotations
• Jump Ductions
• Multiple Choice Vergence
• Pursuits
• Saccades
• Arcade
• Brock String

Measurements of the following:

• Phoria
• Fusional Ranges
• Pursuits
• Saccades
• Worth 4 Dot
• Motor Field
• Fixation Disparity
• Cyclo
• Aniseikonia

The HoloLens Augmented Reality Technology Provides Detailed Holographic Vergence & Stereo Targets

• Simultaneous Perception
• Flat Fusion
• Stereopsis

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• Hololens 2
• Computer
• Software

Hololens, A Game Changer

VTS4 Hololens Features

New and Unique Therapies

Virtual Brock String

Pursuits and Saccades

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