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Patti Pics™ - Distance Chart (10ft. Chart)

Item #: USO2501

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MassVAT Designed by: Luisa Mayer, Ph.D. and Bruce Moore, O.D.

Patti Pics™ Folding Acuity Chart features two smaller groups of optotypes. These are intended for use in repetitive testing. By having multiple groups, the chance of memorization is minimized and more accurate results are yielded. This folding test is great for screening pediatric vision.

Includes response cards (Pictured)

Proportional spacing Acuity range 30M to 1.2M (20/200, 6/60 to 20/8, 6/2.4 equiv.) Two smaller groups 6M to 1.2M (20/40, 6/12 to 20/8, 6/2.4 equiv.

MassVAT format Acuity range 15M to 1.2M (20/100, 6/30 to 20/8, 6/2.4 equiv.)

Notations for testing at 3 meters (10 ft.)

Measures 43 X 51 cm (17 X 20 in.)

Folds to 43 X 25.4 cm (17 X 10 in.)

Can be hand-held or wall-mounted

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