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Easy Adjustable Trial Frame for Adults

Item #: TFLW70

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These easy to adjust, lightweight trial frames for adults make a great addition to any exam room. With a PD range of 50 – 80mm, these will fit nearly all adults. Temples adjust to a length comfortable for the patient to wear. Additionally, these fit five standard 38mm trial lenses inserted at the same time. These sturdy, yet lightweight frames weight only 61g.
• Range of PD scale: 50~80mm
• Single side (right or left) scale: 25~40mm; Minimum scale Value: 1mm
• Axis scale step: 5°
• Lens holders on right/left side fit 5 standard 38mm trial lenses inserted simultaneously
• Range of nose bridge adjustment: Height: 0~23mm Angle: 0°~360°
• Weight: 61g

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