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Morgenstern Dynamic Fusion Cards

Item #: SMD

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Each dynamic cards is narrower and shorter than any other fusion cards. This allows horizontal movement (actually moving the card in the holder to the right and to the left) while fusion is maintained. When we read our eyes move along the line horizontally and we must also maintain fusion. Since each card is shorter than the other cards, by placing the dynamic card in the holder in front of the larger card, fusion shifts are made from exposed top of the larger rear card to the smaller forward dynamic card.

NOTE: On each dynamic card, move the card right and left fully, maintaining fusion.

Used with Bernell-O-Scope.
The below link is a guide for therapists to develop a level of comfort with Fusion Cards. This is a step by step guide - giving many ideas for each card's use –card by card - throughout each set. It will allow the therapist and the patient to be efficient and comfortable with their use from the start. These methods have been employed with excellent responses by experienced and novice therapists alike. Click here to view the product instruction manual.

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