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SCST Confirmation Glasses

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Item #: SCSTG15+


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Shearer Color Sensitivity Test (SCST) System

The purpose of the SCST system is to both objectively and subjectively test for positive outcomes in three main categories of color-sensitive patients. These groups consist of patients with concussions, reading disabilities, and severe headache or migraine sufferers. The percentage of patients suffering from visual discomfort after a concussion is quite high; upwards of 70% in some studies. The percentage of these patients that can be helped with color filters or lenses is currently under investigation. However, some patients may get relief from their symptoms who do not respond to more traditional therapies.

Some patients simply respond better to specific colors of a tinted lens than simple gray lenses, which act as neutral density filters. Gray lenses simply reduce the overall amount of light reaching the eye. It is still unclear exactly how certain wavelengths of light work to achieve this, but it is thought that it changes the timing between the m-cell and p-cell system, or more commonly referred to as the central and peripheral vision.
Available in 5 colors with 3 levels of each color.
SCST Confirmation Glasses:
• Gray (#1-Light | #2-Medium | #3-Dark)
• Blue (#1-Light | #2-Medium | #3-Dark)
• Green (#1-Light | #2-Medium | #3-Dark)
• Red (#1-Light | #2-Medium | #3-Dark)
• Yellow (#1-Light | #2-Medium | #3-Dark)

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