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SCST Confirmation Glasses

Item #: SCSTG15+

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Introducing the Shearer Color Sensitivity Test (SCST) Confirmation Glasses which were designed by an optometrist as an aid in evaluating positive outcomes for color-sensitive patients. Studies have shown that a significant percentage of post-concussion patients, as high as 70%, suffer from visual discomfort. While the effectiveness of color filters or lenses in alleviating symptoms is still under investigation, some patients may find relief from their symptoms where traditional therapies fall short.

Certain patients respond more positively to specific colors of tinted lenses rather than neutral gray lenses, which function as neutral density filters and merely reduce the overall amount of light reaching the eye. The precise mechanism by which particular wavelengths of light achieve this effect remains unclear. However, it is hypothesized that these wavelengths alter the timing between the m-cell and p-cell systems, commonly known as central and peripheral vision.

Equip your optometry practice with the SCST Confirmation Glasses to better serve color-sensitive patients and to explore potential avenues for relief from symptoms they may experience.
Available in 5 colors with 3 levels of each color. The glasses offer an opportunity to allow patients to test filters under various settings to explore potential avenues for relief from symptoms they may experience.

SCST Confirmation Glasses:
• Gray (#1-Light | #2-Medium | #3-Dark)
• Blue (#1-Light | #2-Medium | #3-Dark)
• Green (#1-Light | #2-Medium | #3-Dark)
• Red (#1-Light | #2-Medium | #3-Dark)
• Yellow (#1-Light | #2-Medium | #3-Dark)

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