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MASK-it™ Eye Patch: Disposable Eye Patches - Roll of 250 or 500

Item #: MASKIT+

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The MASK-it™ Eye Patch is a disposable and adjustable eye patch for use in optometry and ophthalmology offices. This eye patch offers a hygienic, yet economical disposable option (as low as $0.30 per patch) for offices conducting eye exams regularly. Each eye patch is a white, paper sticker that measures 3.5" long x 3" wide with a 1.5" slit. Packaging doubles as a dispenser, so there is no need to remove roll from box.

The pre-slit eye patch allows the examiner to create a cone of various depths, which provides additional room for eyelashes. A special adhesive allows the patch to hold directly on the patient's face without the need for an elastic band, yet adhesive allows for no-pain removal and re-adherence to the patient so that one patch may be used on both eyes of a patient, then safely discarded post-exam. There is currently a patent-pending for this product.

Click Here for instructions on how to apply or view the video below.

Weight: 18oz

Box Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 5"

Color: White

Patch Dimensions: 3.5" long x 3" wide with 1.5" slit

Material: Paper

Quantity: 250 or 500 individual eye patches

Click Here for instructions on how to apply or view the application video under the "Videos" tab.

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