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The LEA MAILBOX GAME™ was designed for assessment of visual recognition of line directions. Some children and adults with brain lesions may be able to turn a 'letter' (the plastic card simulating a letter) in correct orientation when the task is to drop it through the slot, yet are unable to tell the direction of the slot when no hand function is involved. "The hand sees but not the eyes."

Testing Procedure

If a child or an older person seems to have problems in understanding what is meant with different directions/orientations, explore the slot of the LEA MAILBOX GAME™ in vertical, horizontal and tilted positions using tactile and kinestetic information. The person is taught the concepts "vertical", "horizontal" and "tilted"/"oblique".

Used to assess visual perception of line orientation. Tests two components:

• Information for the hand movements in the parietal lobe and
• Picture perception in the inferior temporal lobe.

To observe the first function, the child is asked to drop a card through the slot of the LEA MAILBOX GAME®. The child should demonstrate perception of the orientation of the slot by turning the card to the correct position before moving it half the distance to the slot (dorsal stream function). A ventral stream function can be observed through interactive play using the LEA MAILBOX GAME®. If a child cannot visually perceive the orientation of lines, drawing them may be difficult, and drawing angles will make no sense. Includes instructions.

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