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Ion eZView 115 Advanced Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens

Item #: ION011

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Advanced Glass + Advanced Aspheric Designs = Advanced High Magnification Image Quality.

The ion VISion eZVIew 115 slit lamp lens delivers superior clarity, stereopsis and treatment capabilities that exceed competitive designs through its high index, ALL GLASS, aspheric design coupled with our exclusive Broadband Anti-Reflective Coating. It is an excellent general use slit lamp lens balancing high magnification viewing and wide field of view that is an upgrade to your standard 90D.

High-index glass and superior aspheric optical design for diagnostic and treatment capabilities that exceed competitive designs. Use in lieu of the 90 diopter for wider field viewing.

Try it for yourself and see that this is the most versatile lens on the market.

All ion Vision lenses are composed entirely of precision instrument-grade glass for superior diagnostic and treatment performance.

Our optimized design and exclusive enhanced broadband coating ensures maximum image integrity.

Enhanced Broadband AR Coating

Our exclusive anti-reflective lens coating is specifically designed to minimize ambient reflection, delivering a pristine retinal image! This unique AR formula is optimized for use with all laser systems.
Viewing Range: 116°
Image Magnification: .76x
Laser Spot Magnification: 1.3x

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