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Go Moo! Anti-Suppression Playing Cards

Item #: GOMOO

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New Product: Premium playing cards, great cancellation, and convenient storage box.

Inspired by: Elizabeth Yaros

These cards consist of farm animal characters in four different color variations. These cards are designed to be used with red/green anaglyphic filters (not included) and provide good retinal rivalry for enhancing your binocular vision training. A behavioral optometrist may prescribe lenses or prisms to further enhance the visual training experience.

This set of cards contains 52 cards, which allows for a large variety of activities. These activities include: Training of Ocular Motility Training (Tracking Skills), Accommodation Training (Focusing Skills), and Visual Perception/Visual Training (Visual Information Processing Skills). The activity suggestions presented here are not meant to be an official training program, but provide you with valuable training procedures and spark your own creativity to develop activities for whomever you are treating.

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Go Moo! Anti-Suppression Playing Cards:

These cards are great for younger patients. They consist of farm animal characters in four different color variations. The cards are meant to be used in conjunction with Bernell red/green goggles to play Go Moo!, a variation of the popular Go Fish! card game.

Premium playing cards with excellent cancellation!


  • 52 Cards and Instruction card
  • Playing Card Box
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