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Deluxe FCFTester Software Package

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  • Deluxe FCFTester Software Package
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  • Deluxe FCFTester (Viewer Only)
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The Computerized Functional Color Field Tester (FCFTester) software system provides for quick, efficient, and reliable testing of the functional color visual fields. The software allows for the measurement of Form Fields (functional campimetry), the Color Fields (Red, Blue, & Green), and Blind Spot.

A key benefit to this system is the vast number of settings and customizations which allow you to create uniform test conditions for your patients, as well as the ability to store test parameters to ensure testing accuracy and consistency with patients when retesting. A built-in calibration module allows you to run the software on monitors 15" up to 22". A variety of new enhancements now are included with the new Deluxe FCFTester software package, including the ability to monitor eye position during testing. For existing FCFTester customers, you can purchase this module as an upgrade. Contact us for details.

In addition to ongoing software enhancements, the new viewing hardware for the FCFTester received significant upgrades in 2020. Now constructed of high-impact ABS, the new hardware provides a durable, professional appearance. Also, the viewer now features a trial lens well.

Save time and improve accuracy by upgrading from your manual color field testing equipment to this professional software system, which is quickly becoming the new standard in color visual field testing for both its ease of use and value in the exam room!

Interested in upgrading your old viewer hardware?
The new deluxe software packages will include the new ABS plastic viewer (shown in the picture). If you are a customer who purchased the original RFFT software with the original acrylic viewer and are interested in upgrading your viewer, then you can purchase the new deluxe viewer individually.
Hardware and software requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

(Windows 10 users - the FCFTester manual is now available from here: Just navigate to the "Quick User Manual". Note: you will need your serial number to download, as this is only for valid software purchases. It has been reported that some users have experienced issues with the Help setting in the software since Windows 10 does not support its own help file format of previous versions. The PDF version is available for all customers who have purchased the software.)

The FCF Tester can be used on most monitors from 15 inch to 22 inch using the highest screen resolution available. Click here to view a pdf with images and information on recommended hardware for the system. Note: the EMM software module is only compatible with 720p resolution webcams and will not work on 1080p webcams.

Software Installation

The FCFTester software is now made available via digital download. When a new system is ordered, we will ship the viewer that mounts to the monitor, along with instructions and a serial number and download key, which is used to download the software from the FCFTester website ( If you have any questions about how to download the software after purchasing a license, please contact our Customer Service Team.

**Important Note: The purchase of this software is for use on one computer only. Once registered to a computer it cannot be installed on another computer without the purchase of an additional license. In the event that the computer in which the software is installed is disabled or the software needs to be moved to a new device to replace the existing device, it may be done one-time. For assistance, please contact the Bernell Customer Service Team. All software purchases are non-returnable.**

A minimum screen resolution of 768 X 1024 is required. A higher resolution is strongly recommended for better performance. The recommended monitor size should be between 15" to 24".

DFCFTS - Deluxe FCFTester Software Package

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