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Pocket CFF Tester™

Item #: CSCFF

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This critical flicker fusion testing device is a compact, hand-held device for determining the CFF values of a patient's vision. Critical flicker fusion frequency is the point at which a light is flickering so fast that the visual system perceives it as a solid or non-flickering light.

In certain neurological conditions, the CFF of a patient will change. The measurements may be taken on the right eye, left eye or both eyes.

The CFF unit will give you three values:
1) The point where the solid light first starts to flicker is referred to as non-seeing to seeing or NSTS.
2) The point where you are seeing the flicker and the frequency increases till you no longer see the flicker, which is referred to as seeing to non-seeing or STNS.
3) The average of the two values above.

This item was mentioned in an study published in the Vision Development and Rehabilitation: COVD's Digital Journal.
Click here to read the study, "Correlation of Magnocellular Function with Measurements of Reading in Children"

Authors of the Study:
Barry Tannen, OD, FCOVD, Private Practice, Hamilton Square, NJ/SUNY College of Optometry, Vision Rehabilitation Service
Amy M. Desmond, OD, FCOVD, Private Practice, Lancaster, PA
Jack Shelley-Tremblay, PhD, University of South Alabama, Department of Psychology
Kenneth J Ciuffreda, OD, PhD, FCOVD-A, SUNY College of Optometry, Department of Biological and Vision Sciences
Steven M. Larson OD, PsyD SUNY College of Optometry, Vision Rehabilitation Service
The device requires a 9V battery. *Note: When the device is not be used for a period of one minute the CFF unit will automatically shut down to save energy. To reset the CFF unit at any time, simply turn it off then back on.

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