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Bernell Spot Retinoscope with Large Aperture

*Backordered: 7/12/2024
Item #: BSRETH1

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Inspired by Dr. Paul Harris through his work teaching the OEP Clinical Curriculum on stress point retinoscopy. The new Bernell Spot Retinoscope utilizes a large aperture to provide greater illumination that is evenly distributed. Additionally, the larger viewing hole on the back of the head allows for much easier observation of the pupil, pupil reflex, brightness and color. The new Bernell Spot Retinoscope can be used for Book (Getman), Bell, Dynamic, MEM, and Stress Point techniques.

The Bernell Spot Retinoscope is made in the USA and has fixation targets printed on a magnet. The magnetic targets allow for use with magnetic fixation card sets for dynamic retinoscopy (Not compatible with W18250 cards).

Spot Retinoscope Head fits standard Welch Allyn Handles (Not Included). The Spot Retinoscope Head uses a 04500-U halogen bulb (included).

Click here to view the Instruction Manual from Dr. Paul Harris.

For more than 25 years no pure spot retinoscope heads have been available. Thanks to a team at Bernell a spot scope head is now available once again. The head has been machined to fit on the Welch Allyn handles and to provide the large-diameter and uniform spot of light that the retinoscopists who invented the procedures such as Book retinoscopy, Bell retinoscopy, Stress-Point retinoscopy, Just-Look retinoscopy and many more similar techniques all used.

A large bright and uniform light source facilitates seeing not just the direction of movement of the reflex but many qualitative changes in the reflex such as the brightness, the hue, the distribution of light changes introduced by the patient's visual attention and many more things, which either a streak or the modified streak (streak assembly with a spot bulb inserted) simply do not.

This head promises to launch a new era of the development of retinoscopists. Having superior tools which are well-crafted and easy to use, will help improve patient care.

Target Acuity:
• Top Row – 20/60
• Middle Row – 20/40
• Bottom Row – 20/80 (left and right target) & 20/120 (smiley target)

Product Risk Disclaimer

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