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Bernell Preliminary Test Kit

Item #: BPTKIT

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Bernell Preliminary Test Kit

As the demands of practice change, it is even more difficult to perform all of the necessary tests on our patients today. Often many primary care optometrists are being forced into seeing more patients per hour or per day in order to survive economically with third party plans. Unfortunately, this sometimes means either foregoing certain test or delegating them to technicians. Sadly, particularly with children, the assessment of the binocular system is one of the first things to be passed over in a routine exam.

In order to free up the doctor's time and yet get the necessary information of the binocular skills for the doctor, Bernell has developed a preliminary room test kit which may be used by a technician. It is designed around simple free space tests instead of an instrument such as a stereoscope to allow a more realistic test of real world demands.
The kit contains the following items:

1) Saladin Near Point Balance Card™ (Saladin Card™): quickly and easily measures vertical and horizontal phorias and fixation disparities. Item # BCSALCD

2) Bernell LetterLight™: This Worth Test flashlight utilizes letter targets, which are used to measure fusion and convergence abilities. Item # BCBS548

3) Vergence Facilitiy Prism Flipper: Contains (2) 6 Base-Out lenses (12PD range) opposite (2) 1.5 Base-In lenses (3PD range) to test vergence abilities in connection with the Bernell LetterLight™. The prism flipper is preferred because it divides the prism equally between the two eyes, reducing suppression and the natural tendency to squint or close the eye that does not have the single prism in front of it. Item # BC1275VF

4) Developmental Eye Movement Test™ (DEM™): Provides an objective methos of assessing fixational and saccade activity during reading and non-reading tasks. Includes tables with standards/norms based on age and grade level. Item #: DEMNV

5) Bernell Fixation Stick with Red/Green Antisuppression Check: Used determine near point of convergence and near point of accommodation, as well as pursuits and suppression. Item #: BCFIX

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