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Bernell Vision Disc


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Low cost, simple-to-use direct measurement device. The Bernell Vision Disc is used to measure the range of a person's peripheral vision (monocularly and binocularly) as well as aid in detecting and measuring scotomas. It may also be used to measure field loss due to ptosis prior to requesting surgery approval. Also, a quick and easy tool for testing patients in states where there are minimum requirements for visual fields in order to legally operate a motor vehicle. Fixation wand provides a multi-color target for measurement.

Has a 3mm thick disc with rubber protection strip.

Size: 19" Wide x 16" High

Includes: Disc, Handle, Fixation Wand & Instructions

Product Includes: Disc, Handle, Fixation Wand & Instructions

Disc is 3mm thick and has a rubber protection strip for soft touch against user's nose. It also features a chrome handle. Disc comes assembled.

Disc Size: 19" Wide x 16" High

The fixation wand has red and green wooden balls on a carbon wand. Wooden red and green balls (0.55" Diameter) keeps attention well. Wand is made out of carbon and is 15" long.

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