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Random Dot Stereogram Card Set

Item #: BCFSET2

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Random Dot Card Set

Bernell's BCFSET2 is a set of random dot stereograms, which can be used with virtually any stereoscope. These stereograms have been designed so that one eye sees a picture with a slightly different set of random dots that the picture seen by the other eye. The disparity in the dots causes the pattern to stand out from the random dot background; but only if both eyes are working together.

Features 12 sets of random dot figures for use with the Variable Prismatic Stereoscope/Cheiroscope, Bernell Variable Prismatic Trainer and Bernell-O-Scope (or other stereoscopes). Provides variety and added difficulty to the orthoptic techniques.
12 sets of random dot figures
Printed on: Cardstock
Card Size: 3.125" x 3.125"
Includes: Instruction manual and answer key

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