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Bernell Fixation Stick with Red/Green Anti-Suppression Check

Item #: BCFIX

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Bernell Fixation Stick
with Red/Green Antisuppression Check

Introducing a versatile, lightweight multi-functional instrument designed specifically for optometrists to evaluate a wide range of visual skills in children. Our user-friendly device features two Red/Green suppression tests and an assortment of vibrant fixation targets that captivate young patients, making assessments more enjoyable and efficient.

This exceptional tool is perfect for examining pursuits, near point of convergence, and accommodation, streamlining the testing process for both you and your pediatric patients. Elevate your practice by incorporating this invaluable instrument into your assessment toolkit, and provide a more engaging experience for your young clients.

Red/Green glasses not included.
Constructed from robust, high-quality vinyl material, our product ensures long-lasting durability and reliable performance.

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