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Bernell Saccadic Strips

Item #: BCDS42

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Letter strips for saccadic training.

Two-sided 4 strip set, each one with 20 different 36-points letters on white and red (Anti-Suppression) background. These are designed to be used with Bernell red/green glasses when performing anti-suppression therapy activities.

Strips can be attached to walls, doors, etc., using tape or sticking tack (not included).

Although these door saccades were primarily designed for saccadic training techniques, they may also be used for accommodative rock therapy (when used with a near card), anti-suppression therapy (with red/green glasses), binocular tracking activities (moving the strips around the visual field), and many more activities!
• Two-sided 4 strip set
• Each one with 20 different 36-points letters on white and red-green background
• Matte finish to avoid glare

Note: Strip 2 has an intentional binocular lock on the first letter, so that both eyes can see the letter D.
• 1" x 16.5"
• 0.8mm thickness.

• Thick matte laminated vinyl. To clean use a gentle soap and water. No Alcohol.

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