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Variable Tranaglyph™ Jump Ductions Kit (930 Series)

Item #: BC930K

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The new BC930 is a variation of our popular 920 and 925 instruments. The new feature of the BC930 slide is the ability to do jump ductions with a wide range of base in and base out options. Either side of the 930 slide can be set to various base-in or base-out values. With this inexpensive device, you can set it to two different base-in demands or two base-out demands or one side base-in and one base-out and "jump" back and forth between the two images. Since it has its own holder, the card may easily be held in the primary position of gaze, to either side, or superior or inferior. This is very valuable for sports vision with we want to train a volleyball player's upward gaze; a hockey player's inferior gaze or to either side. Consider using a second BC930 to "jump" between 2 instruments; each one set with two different demands, for a total of 4 variable images in two positions.
• Red/green goggles
• Two red pointers
• Instruction manual

*Clear easel not included

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