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Special Order Prism Flippers: Corrected Curve: 8-10D

Item #: BC1276SCC

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Corrected Curve: 8-10D
Click here to view the attached special order flipper form
→ Download a copy of our custom flipper sheet. Fill it out and email or fax it to us.
Note: If you place an order online, please mention in comments that you are sending a completed special order sheet. Please include the order number as a reference when sending the sheet.

Send Custom Flipper Form to Bernell

IMPORTANT NOTE: Flippers sized are listed based on the prism lenses in the wells. For example a 5PD flipper will have on each side (2) 5PD 38mm Prisms (5PD + 5PD = 10PD Range) with one side being set to Base-In and the other Base-Out. So, if you want to order a 4PD range flipper, then you would get 2PD Flipper (2PD + 2PD = 4PD).

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