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Prism Flippers with Flat Prisms or Corrected Curved Prisms

Item #: BC1275+

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Prism Flippers
Flat prisms or Corrected Curved Prisms

Professional training with two yoked prism pairs. Beginning with the highest powers through which a patient can fuse and focus, prism flippers are exchanged for the next higher powers through the training sequence.

Great for early presbyopes with high exo with new bifocals!

Please specify diopter power when ordering and if flat prism or corrected for abberations and made as thin as possible (corrected curved).

Available in sizes 1D - 10D, 12D, 15D, 20D

Special order prism flippers available of any four powers listed above (See BC1275S). Please allow two weeks delivery for Special Orders.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Flippers sized are listed based on the prism lenses in the wells. For example a 5PD flipper will have on each side (2) 5PD 38mm Prisms (5PD + 5PD = 10PD Range) with one side being set to Base-In and the other Base-Out. So, if you want to order a 4PD range flipper, then you would get 2PD Flipper (2PD + 2PD = 4PD).

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