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10x Peak Comparator

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Item #: AT1983R


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Measuring magnifier with adjustable focus. Highest quality resolving power and wide visual field.

The 10x Scale Loupe with One Scale from Peak is a precision achromatic all-purpose 10x magnifier. A Standard Peak Scale reticle is included that measures in 1/10mm. This reticle has vertical and horizontal cross-hairs. On the horizontal there is a scale of 15 subdivided increments. This scale can be switched out with any of the other 12 reticles sold by Peak for this loupe. It has a smoothly rotating focusing ring with just the right amount of drag to prevent slippage while allowing easy rotating of the ring.
Product Highlights:
• Achromatic Lenses
• 4-Element, 2-Group
• Standard Scale-Reticle
• Focusing Ring
• Coated Optic
• Wide Field of View
• Measures in 1/10mm

Includes carrying case
Magnification: 10X
Field of View: 32 mm (1.24 inch)
Scale Length: 30 mm (1.17 inch)
Minimum Scale Division: 0.1 mm
Eye-piece: 20 mm
Size: 46 x 44 mm
Net Weight: 74 g

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