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Round Flat Plastic Prisms (38mm)

Item #: AR38+

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Each Prism is sold individually.
Round Flat Plastic Prisms

Bevel-edged prisms made for flippers or prism training glasses. Base can be turned to any desired position. Powers and base conveniently marked on the prisms.

Note: Prism diopter powers are listed per lens. For example, a 4PD goggle will have two 4PD lenses to make a 8PD range. So, 4PD goggle = 8PD range.

Available Diopters

• 0.50PD
• 1PD
• 1.5PD
• 2PD
• 3PD
• 4PD
• 5PD
• 6PD
• 7PD
• 8PD
• 9PD
• 10PD
• 12PD
• 14PD
• 15PD
• 16PD
• 18PD
• 20PD
• 25PD
• 30PD

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