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Lea SYMBOLS® Low Vision Chart

Item #: GF8000


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Low Vision Chart

This test for low vision is designed for examination of severely visually impaired children and adults. The largest symbols are 50M in size, corresponding to 1/50 (20/1000, 6/300, 0.02). The smallest symbols are 1M in size, corresponding 1/1 (20/20, 6/6, 1.0) at a distance of one meter. The test comes with attached cord to maintain the proper testing distance.

Includes: response key, flash cards, and instructions.

Designed courtesy of August Colenbrander, MD.

16" x 21.5" (40.7 cm x 54.6 cm)

Folds to 16" x 10.75" (40.7 cm x 27.3cm)

40 inches, 1 meter testing distance

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