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Visual Hygiene Board (VTE) - Child Size

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  • Visual Hygiene Board (VTE) - Child Size - Sold per Unit

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  • Visual Hygiene Board (VTE) - Child Size - Sold in Pkg. of 10

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Slant Board & Triangular Pencil Grip saves the correct posture. The Slant Board, with it's sleek and functional design, is easy to use on a desk, table, or in bed. All in all: Safe, resistant, light and attractive. When used for reading and writing, it serves to support proper body position and working distance and to discourage adverse postural adaptations.

The ergonomically-design slant board has been designed incorporating the principles of visual hygiene:

A) The handle on top makes the slant board easily portable.
B) The board has reminders for patient to keep proper working posture and pencil grip. The figures allows peripheral vision form stimulation.
C) The border on the bottom prevents paper, books, and pens from sliding.
D) To make easier for children use, the corners have been rounded and it had been ergonomically designed to give support to the forearm.
E) The non-slip colored plastic foam is safe, resistant, light and attractive.
F) The back support is made of shock proof material.

Triangular Pencil Grip helps to grip pen/pencil during writing and drawing and to maintain a correct body and head posture and reduces stress on the fingers.

Kit Includes:
Slant Board, Pencil and Triangular Pencil Grip, English and Spanish patient's instruction.

Kit comes with transparent package

Board size: 49 x 37 cm. (19.6" x 14.8").

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