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The Wolman Fusion Fixator

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Item #: WFF1


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The Wolman Fusion Fixator was created by Dr. Stephanie L. Wolman, OD, FCOVD and is designed to allow the doctor and therapist to have a free hand to verify eye alignment via Cover Test or to utilize a second tool, such as a loose prism, all while providing the patient with a fixation target and easy way to appreciate physiological diplopia.

The Wolman Fusion Fixator can be used to locate a centration point, for convergence and divergence training, and can easily be used in conjunction with loose prism when working on vergence.

This device is an excellent tool for push-up training.
• Fixation cubes can be rotated to preferred target.
• Each cube comes with four targets: Monkey, Soccer Ball, Penguin, and the letter S.
Fixation Cube Bead Size: 12mm x 12mm x 12mm
Target size (Image): 10mm x 10mm
Instruction Manual: Included

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