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Wayne Saccadic Fixator

Wayne Saccadic Fixator

This product is no longer available and has been discontinued by the supplier.

Also called the "Circle of Lights". The standard for testing , evaluating, and developing accurate and rapid eye-hand coordination, spatial integration, and reaction times.

Athletic trainers, developmental vision optometrists, and rehabilitation therapists have acclaimed the Fixator for it's ability to motivate users.

A wall-mounted instrument with a touch-sensitive membrane panel containing 33 LED lights arranged in three concentric circles with one light at the center. The user responds to the light by pressing the membrane button surrounding it. The built-in computer provides a nearly unlimited variety of activities based on self-pacing where you control the speed to autopacing where accuracy controls it.

There are random dot testing where you must repeat a sequence of random dots. Number of lights used is adjustable. Lights can be continous or flashed for an adjustable interval.

The unit can store 203 activity programs-- 172 are pre-programed. Accessories included are mounting strips and hardware.

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