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VTP Edition Wooden Balance Board

VTP Edition Wooden Balance Board

**This Item is currrently being redesigned and is not available at this time** The VTP Edition Wooden Balance Board is a premium option for balance training. This board features a large handhold for easy transport and storage. The unit, as well as the square fulcrums, are composed of durable maple with a lacquer finish. It features two diamond-patterned foam foot pads for added grip and comfort. The two square fulcrums screw onto the bottom of the board and can be easily changed by hand. There is a large and small fulcrum that offers different levels of support.

Board Size: 19" x 16" x 3/4" Thick

Square Fulcrum Sizes:
Small: 3" x 3 "x 2.25" Thick
Large: 5" x 5" x 2.5" Thick

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