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The Visagraph™, an eye-movement recording device, is the result of more than 80 years of foundational studies in eye movement behavior in conjunction with leading reading research.

The Visagraph™ is an objective measurement tool for evaluating reading efficiency (fluency). The reading characteristics that determine fluency are visual/functional proficiency, perceptual accuracy and information processing competence. These characteristics directly affect the ease and comfort with which we read and comprehend text.

Through the use of infrared sensors, an individual's oculomotor (or visuomotor) activity is recorded while he or she silently reads an appropriately leveled, text normed 100-word test selection with at least 70% comprehension. To confirm comprehension, each passage reading is followed by a brief series of questions to determine whether or not the subject reads with reasonable comprehension.

Eye-movement characteristics are automatically analyzed, and detailed reports that provide insight as to "how" the individual reads are then generated.

The Visagraph™ takes just a few minutes to measure a reader's eye movements and compare them to standardized levels. Key measures include reading rate, fixations, regressions, fixation duration, rereading activity, return sweeps, cross correlation between the right eye and left eye and more. The operator can play back the recorded eye movements to simulate them over text a child reads. The unit can be used on any Windows computer with a USB connection, or most USB adapters (recordings can be viewed on MAC computers).
1.) Online Management & Reporting Application
2.) Ability to access/take recordings on compatible computers (record and view on Windows / view on MAC)
3.) Free and Secure Off-Site Backup of your recordings
4.) Reading report displays performance data compared to National Norms
5.) Increased Signal Strength Resulting in Improved Discrimination

Another Reference:
Dr. John Thomas of Wheat Ridge, CO, has said to direct anyone who has any question about the need for a eye muscle recorder as an optometrist to him. He has had several models of the Visagraph over the years and believes very strongly in their diagnostic as well as documentary value. He has been a witness in trials where he used a recorder to document improvement from therapy.

Note: Taylor Associates has discontinued support for the Standalone Visagraph software as of Jan. 1, 2018. Click here to learn more info about the discontinuation of standalone support and offer of free assistance in converting to the online version.

For assistance with converting your standalone unit, or other technical support please call Taylor Associates at (800) 732-3758 Option 1 or email them at

Platform PC APPLE*
OS Windows 7+
OSX 10.8+
Browser Edge 21+
Firefox 36+
Chrome 40+
Internet Explorer 11+
Safari 6.2.6+
Screen Resolution
Minimum: 1024 x 768
Network Wired Fast Ethernet (100BaseT) or Higher
Wireless: 802.11g or Higher
*Apple computers can only be used to read Visagraph results. They cannot currently be used to take recordings
Compatible Windows Operating Systems:
• Windows 7
• Windows 8.1
• Windows 10

Available Languages: English & German

(Please specify language when ordering)

Bernell Pay As It Earns™ Lease Program Terms (Visagraph- Item # VISYSOD):
→ Down Payment Due: $595 + Shipping & Tax (if applicable)

Option #1:
→ Lease Term: 24 months
→ Monthly Payment: $103.20/month

Option #2:
→ Lease Term: 12 months
→ Monthly Payment: $199.44/month

Contact to request a lease contract.
Practice Management Tip:
Dr. Shearer does an eye movement recording when certain complaints or conditions are present in children. He doesn't fill out insurance papers, but charges the parents $35 for this evaluation which takes about 10 extra minutes. The actual testing can be done by an assistant with the doctor evaluating and explaining the results. There is even a bouncing ball that demonstrates to the parents where the child was looking at each instant while reading the test. This vividly displays all of the regressions and saccadic movements of the child. Just two tests a week will pay for the instrument and then will generate $3,500 each year in fees. This does not include the referrals from patients and teachers who learn that this practice is interested in the detection and visual therapy of students with reading problems.

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