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Random Dot Acuity Test with Lea SYMBOLS®

Item #: VA1005

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This item has been discontinued. Limited stock remains, once stock has been depleted it will be removed from our site. However, the shapes version from VAC will remain available for purchase (VA1005S)

Random Dot Acuity Test
with Lea SYMBOLS®

Dot test are designed to rapidly test for amplyopia & strabismus in early & non-readers and non-verbal children and adults. This test contains Expanded Random Dot LEA Symbols Test (500, 250, 125, 63 seconds of arc).

- Expanded Random Dot Lea Test
- Graded Circle Test now down to 12.5 sec
- No monocular clues
- New improved booklets
- Answer Key on back cover
- Includes both adults and pediatric polarized viewers
  • Expanded Random Dot LEA Symbols Test Range from 500 to 63 seconds of arc.
  • Graded circle test now down to 12.5 seconds with no monocular clues.

  • Test includes:
  • 1 pair adult and 1 pair pediatric polarized viewers
  • Answer key on the back cover
  • Call Toll Free 1-800-348-2225 or (574) 259-2070

    Fax to (574) 259-2102 or (574) 259-2103