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Item #: TR8ST

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Download this PDF to learn about Tracethe8s.

Tracethe8s™ is an activity that can assist in integrating, enhancing, and refining a large variety of skills. The progressive challenges presented on these 10 charts lead the individual/client /student through a series of learning experiences that are entertaining, arousing, and fun.

"Tracethe8s has been a great addition for my vision therapy practice. I can use Tracethe8s for my patients with binocular dysfunctions as well as visual perceptual deficits. The way it is designed makes it very versatile and adaptable to many different patient types and disorders. I am constantly finding new ways to use Tracethe8s in therapy. Monica Stotler, OD"

Tracethe8s™ is a fun, engaging, therapeutic activity designed to enhance:
• Visual-motor skills
• Visual-perception skills
• Attention and focus
• Working memory
• Laterality
• Oculomotor skills
• Scanning skills
• Figure ground skills
• Eye-hand coordination
• Sequencing skills
• Speech
• Brain integration

The lamination is an easy to use, easy to clean Dry Erase Laminate on which you can use any Dry Erase Marker and Eraser, both of which are initially supplied. The charts are manufactured to withstand years of use tracing the patterns and erasures.

The system may be graded to address varying levels of disability.

There are 10 progressively challenging charts printed on 5 double-sided sheets:
(2) 8x11 Charts
(4) 11x14 Charts
(4) 11x18 Charts

• Each sheet is 5 ml. dry erase laminate on each side, making it a total of 10ml. laminate per sheet.
• Each sheet is further edge sealed to create a substantial, durable, and moisture resistant product.
• Included in the package are 2 Dry Erase markers, an eraser and an instruction sheet.

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