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Tootie Toss

Tootie Toss

**This item has been discontinued**

Tootie Toss Tooties were invented by former aerospace scientist John Hanson, back in 1962 to improve his own very young children. As the children grew, new types of Tooties and Tooties equipment were developed to address different areas of teaching. The goal was to make the learning process self-teaching and lots of fun and to develop products that children never seemed to get tired of at any age. The most effective ages are from eight months. Commonly used in Sports Vision Training! We can sell any Tootie product as a special order at the same prices as Tootie direct. Just call! 800-348-2225 Most Tooties may be hand washed and hung up to dry but they feel better if not washed. They may be sterilized in boiling water or heated in oven to 250 degrees F. (Not a microwave). Some Tooties are still in active use after 40 years. .


In-Office Starting Set

→ 1 Launcher

→ 1 Tootie Bounce

→ 1 Tootie Toss

→ 16 Tooties of three types

→8 classic

→6 Floaties

→2 specials

→Kit comes with instructions.

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